Give me some more Kaafi!


The clock is ticking and it is way past my bedtime! I have plans you know, the alarm is set to go off at 5AM. I had clearly instructed myself; “Bobby (that’s my nickname) you must sleep by 11, so that you can get up early and get stuff done.

You see we have this Monday morning meetings in the office where I am working now, and it kicks off sharp at 9 AM, which I seldom attend. Thanks to my impeccable record of turning up late at opportune moments, I end up hustling every Monday morning.

Magically, the clock seems to be ticking at much faster speed on Mondays. The race against time is a spectacle for our house help. She keeps complaining about the dirty dishes and I keep throwing more of them in the sink. Who’s got the time to argue or act sensible in that hour of chaos.

Monday blues are so hyped thanks to social media and the hashtag mania, that this poor day has to take in punches from everyone. The people who curse after a rocking weekend, the bosses who think every darn meeting has to be scheduled on a fucking Monday! Why again? And the public transport authorities are simply priceless.

They make sure that all the technical glitches must affect the services, that too during your commute time. Don’t even get me started on the rush. It is madness. Every single person wants to attend the office on Mondays.

It usually takes me 1 & 1/2 hour to reach my office, add another 1/2 hour to it and that goes up to 2 frigging hours! I take that much time on Mondays, isn’t that madness. Some would say it is.

But, but, but. I still get up and look forward to this day. Why you ask? Well, no matter how painfully late it gets to reach the office or maddening it gets fighting the hordes of commuters in metro. I like that I am marching into a new week with renewed energy and hope, to make it better than the previous one.

Monday morning

I know that this is the opportunity to right the wrong or learn new things and step up my game.

Mondays have the worst reputation, but we can change it. Why think of it as a weekend killer. Think of it as a prelude to a more rocking weekend. Or a second chance to take up the missed out opportunities of previous week.

My Monday has to be a good one and now to make sure I don’t sleep through the alarm bell, I have to get going. The bed is calling me and I can’t afford to lose out time on preaching here.

Let’s see if I am able to make a productive start to the week. MONDAY, here I come!

Till we meet again, nighty night and watch out this space for more such random blogs.



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