Why Are You Pissed With Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman?

My internal dialogue: Captain Marvel, of course. Wonder Woman is overtly sexualized to cater to the male gaze and perception of a strong woman. She brandishes her sword and slays her enemies clad in a mini skirt, a cleavage bulging corset and thigh-high boots. The character is fleshed out keeping in mind all the male readers and followers who love their female superheroes to look suggestively sexy whilst they are killing the bad guy.

Me again: Wait, what? Why am I being such a bitch. Gal Gadot killed it as a Wonder Woman and frankly, I have a huge girl crush on her. So why do I have to choose between these two awesome fictional characters?

I do a bit of research about Ms. Marvel’s character evolution and this is what I found.

Now, let’s not spoil your mood, but just to clear it once and for all. The handful number of female superheroes that made their way into the fun world of comics also faced the same treatment as in the real world.


Again, coming back to the question. Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman?

The more, the better actually.

I set out to write on this topic so that I could pit one (super) woman against another.

Isn’t that a classic sexist reaction to a controversy that has no legitimate explanation.

Always trying so hard to not, but my internalized misogyny creeps up in the most ugly manner. Captain Marvel is amazing and so is Wonder Woman. Why do we have to pit them against each other?

Just to be clear I am not an ardent follower of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or even the comic books. I have no idea of Mar-Vel or, Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel’s character evolution. I am one of those viewers who watches super hero movies because it is cool and damn entertaining. That’s it.

I have no interest in tracing back the origin of their (superheroes’) superpowers. They all look the same to me. More importantly it is the “White Man Saves The Day” narrative which is, as we all know, done to death. So much so that a mediocre movie like Black Panther seems revolutionary. It sure had its moments, but can we be real that there was nothing to take home.


I think we should loosen up a bit and stop pretending like all this is for real. These are fictional characters, not superheroes in real life. Someone saying Iron Man is better than Captain America should not rile you up.

A showdown with the bad guy on the big screen, with wisecrack (and often) lame jokes is a perfect escape plan after a hard day’s work. IT IS NOT REAL.

I detest various fan clubs, exactly for this reason. To get all worked up because Marvel’s Thanos, apparently is a rip off of DC’s Darkseid. A friend didn’t want to watch Avengers: Infinity War for the same reason. I wanted to yell at him, “Grow up,” but the sentiments run so strong you fear for your life. Okay, I am exaggerating here, but who wants a stupid argument over a movie.

Yeah, rivals tend to do that. They try to steal your thunder. You, as the audience, are supposed to sit back and have fun. Not expend yourself in their competition.

Just put your money where you get the best value. As simple as that

We are drifting away from the point of conversation here, but seriously what is with all the negativity surrounding Captain Marvel? Why is everyone so pissed with Captain Marvel?

I don’t see men going like, “Aah, Iron Man is such a brat!” or “Why is Captain America such a brooding mess?” Stop playing the loner/brooder card all the time. Just move on with your shit because normal people do that everyday.

Brie Larson said last summer that she doesn’t care what a white man thinks about Captain Marvel. Why should she? And what followed after that, we all know the story. A certain section of men couldn’t take that a woman said it out loud. Brie Larson doesn’t need validation from a bunch of “critics” who largely happen to be men.

So much so that Twitter saw a serious backlash in the form of sexist smear campaigns. Trolls review-bombing the movie ahead of its release. This goes on to show how pathetically misogynistic we have become as a society. We can’t even handle an actress, who plays a FICTIONAL CHARACTER WITH FICTIONAL SUPERPOWERS, to be absolutely okay not seeking validation from men.

The trolls are also resorting to “Wonder Woman” was much better female superhero movie tact. I am sorry guys, but emoting is not exactly Gal Gadot’s strong point. She is a decent actress with attractive screen presence. And, she did a fantastic job with these traits.

Brie Larson, on the other hand, breathed life into the character with her nuanced performance. Considering this is just a formula movie, I felt more convinced with her portrayal than Gal’s Wonder Woman in terms of acting. Again, this is a personal view, not a popular opinion.

Does it really make a difference though? NO. Because I frigging enjoyed both the movies, just the way I enjoyed watching Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers, or even Govinda’s Raja Babu for that matter.

Not liking a movie or an actress/actor portraying a character is understandable. But, this uncalled for vile condescension is a blatant display of assholery.

My two takeaways from the movie. Carol Denvers aka Vers didn’t “fall for a guy” and that worked out pretty well for her. No distractions, you see. But, for once it was refreshing to see a woman on screen who was flawed and a total kick ass. Vers is funny, idiotic and has goofed up on so many occasions. A love story stuffed in the plot would have spoiled my mood for sure. Not that I don’t like seeing them fall in love and be human. But, aren’t they supposed to save the world from apocalypse and stuff like that?

The second reason will surely cheer you up. Goose.

How can you not fall in love with Goose?

I did. Despite me being more of a dog-person. I loved Goose, the cat. Or is he a cat, really?! No spoilers, I swear.

Time to get some laughs and mindless adrenaline rush if you haven’t already watched this movie. And, we need more, “Women saving the world” shit in fantasy movies and comics, pretty please!

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