Why Are You Pissed With Captain Marvel?

Unapologetic Writer

Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman?

My internal dialogue: Captain Marvel, of course. Wonder Woman is overtly sexualized to cater to the male gaze and perception of a strong woman. She brandishes her sword and slays her enemies clad in a mini skirt, a cleavage bulging corset and thigh-high boots. The character is fleshed out keeping in mind all the male readers and followers who love their female superheroes to look suggestively sexy whilst they are killing the bad guy.

Me again: Wait, what? Why am I being such a bitch. Gal Gadot killed it as a Wonder Woman and frankly, I have a huge girl crush on her. So why do I have to choose between these two awesome fictional characters?

I do a bit of research about Ms. Marvel’s character evolution and this is what I found.

Now, let’s not spoil your mood, but just to clear it once…

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